Maryam Haghi


Fellowships Architecture

Tehran university , faculty of fine arts
Tehran, Iran (Oct, 1986 –Oct, 1993)

Undergraduate: Student

Azadegan. High School
Mashhad, Iran (Sep, 1982 –Jun, 1986)

Academic Positions:
Scientific background:
Teaching Architecture Courses at Islamic Azad University of Mashhad from 1993 to 1994 and 1998 to 2002
Teaching Architecture Courses at Al-Zahra teaching center in Mashhad from 1998 to 2000

Professional Society membership:

Iranian society of the engineering
Iranian society of consulting engineering of Iran

Work History:

Collaboration with United National Development Planning (UNDP) on the impact of architectural design on reducing the earthquake effects in cities, Tabas Ferdows in khorasan and Golbaft in Kerman from 1990 to 1992
I’m one of the founders of Sharestan Tarh Firm in 1996
Member of the Board of Directors and Project Manager of Sharestan Tarh Firm. from 1996 to 2005
Cooperation with Hatra Naghsh Pars Firm from 2005 up to now
Work Experiences:
1- Cooperation with Sharestan Tarh Firm as Project Manager of Architecture and interior designer of the following projects:
1- Renovation of operating room design of Mehr Hospital in Mashhad
2- Leadership plan of Jaboos, Doroune, Ostay, Rivand
3- Designing the social support office in Dragaz (1800 square meters)
4-Planning and organizing of the Golazar and memorial of Shohada in Mashhad, located in Paradise Reza ( 1500 square meters)
5- Designing the recreational tourism program of Chalidare in Torqabeh ( 150 Hectare )
6- Leadership plan of the city of Chaposhlou in Dregaz
7- Planning the central office building of Khorasan Electric Company ( 13000 square meters sub basins).
8- Planning the Ferdos Land Preparation .
9- Designing the producing saloon of Zamzam Khorasan Company including 2 burrow buildings (4000 square meters)
10- Planning the construction of a social support office in Torghabeh (800 square meters)
11. Development Plan of Bajgiran Free Zone
12- The residential building co-operative plan of the Electric Company located at Mashhad Water and Residential Complex includes 200 residential units
13. Planning the cultural houses in the municipality sites in Mashhad
14-Planning the recreational, cultural and administrative site of Elahieh Land (100 hectares ).
16- Design of the new Fariman Park
17- Planning the guide of Anabad
18- Fajr Park Reconstruction Plan in Mashhad ( total area of 2 hectares).
19- Mashhad Motahar Park Reconstruction Plan ( total area of 3 hectares).
20- Design of 54 residential buildings in the Chalidareh complex.
21- Design of the gate and the building of the information center of research and technology of Northeast food
22- Design of the cemetery of Golbahar ( total area of 50 hectares)..
23- Revision of the architectural and interior design of the heart department and CCU of Razavi Hospital
Collaboration with Htera Naghesh Pars Consulting Engineering Firm as an architectural designer and interior designer
1-Center of health promotion and medical care (PHC) in the University of medical sciences.
2-Master plan and design of the campus of Mashhad University of medical sciences
3- Multipurpose Buildings (Faculty of nursing, Para medicine , health and traditional medicine), Mashhad University of medical sciences
4- Imam Reza hospital chemotherapy Center building Mashhad
5- Building of blood transfusion of Mashhad
6- Design of the Research Center, Research Institute of Mashhad University of medical sciences.
7- Design of the cultural center of Torbat jam (3000 square meters)
8- Design of the complex of commercial residential constructions of sabzevar, (42000 square meters)
9- Design of the Taban Kish hotel (22 floor - 26000 square meters)
10- Interior design of the hospital Golbahar (64 beds)