Description of the consulting engineer services:

Generally consulting engineer services is based on the contract with clients and the issue of projects’ plan. It will be carried on the following three stages:

  • The first stage preliminary studies
  • The second stage preparation of the strategy and the Executive plan
  • The third supervision of the plan running

Architecture and urban departments services:

 Studies and preparation of preliminary plans, stage I and II of management of energy consumption and monitoring of the implementation of all educational and research projects, educational sports centers and religious, touristic, cultural and artistic and health care places and laboratories,
 Studies and preparation of t he preliminary feasibility, stage I and II of management of energy consumption and supervision the implementation of all residential units and complexes , commercial, official and industrial buildings and factories , mechanized Postal and telecommunication centers , urban services buildings and certain military buildings .
 Studies and preparation of first and second stages, and supervision of interior architecture projects and preparation of monuments, logos ,signage and etc .
 Studies and planning and preparation of development plans and detailed cities and areas of influence, the conductor, the preparation of studies and planning of the urban historic district, organizing industries and pesky urban jobs, protection of cities against disasters (fire, flood, and earthquake) and urban beauty.
 Expertise in organizing and community empowerment of the municipal building and informal residences, urban design and strengthening

Brief description of the services includes:

1. Estimation of the present condition:
The first step is estimation of interior space of the project ,that includes measurement of space and checking it’s position, elements and equipments .At this stage in fact measuring of a schematic plan with exact size perform in order to be able to prepare a right detail of existing status . 2.
2-project planning:
The process of definition of the user’s needs space before creating the plan .Project planning should measure with regard to extent, performance and position of the existing restrictions and should be evaluated .Also, the program should detailed explain the characteristics or features that should be added to any spaces to improve their performance and personality fit the space and admire the impressive design and preparation.
3 – Design the maps and details:
After mapping the status quo of the initial preparation of the action plan And the initial decisions and choices about the materials and colors .It is the primary obligation of your design ideas with the client in between and during this stage is completed .At this stage the place of installation elements and components used in the interior space is determined.
Includes the location, dimensions, size and panels tissue in the Executive palans maps, sections and detailed scale Interior views Be prepared to make sure the views are great and the existing situation with plan matches. Qualifications and Executive build map includes detailed scale , outlinings documentation and joinery table is extracted from the administrative detail
4-Maps required for the implementation of interior architecture:
Drawing by hand and computer, photographic computerize maps , different types of drawing and floor plans ,furniture , floor and ceiling plans and reverse ceiling plan,interior views of the Executive detail, along with 3D. max and interior animation.
5-Final control of plans and implementation of it with the present status:
The interior decorations plan should be matched with existing situation. In this step, maps prepared by plan including the measured plans, electric lighting plans, facility plans, plumbing and other mechanical out linings, interior views, cabinet’s view plan, shelves and layout are reviewed.
6- the preparation of workshop:
The workshop preparation is different according to the type of tasks in each place. After identification and estimation of building materials and equipment the request should be performed and the needs must be carried to the stock -room .The location of materials and equipment is considered according to the type and work conditions . also the available space of the stock room may considered according to the workload and the priority of tasks.
7- Doing tasks according to Maps and executive details:
Administration of the project detail is the most important stage of the interior architects’ duties during their professional work.
The management of the workshop building and construction and installation of the elements and the implementation of the project must be performed by the manager and his/her assistants .Monitoring of labor division and the beginning and end of each stage must be determined before the implementation .also the reports of each step must be represent to the employer or co-workers in order to control of progression of the project. These revision help us to measure every problems that was happen during the project.
8-measuring the cost of the works
9-the final control of the labor and delivery:
Upon completion of the work and all internal decorations and plan actions the executive manager has duty of inspection and review of work in order to
find the problems and final correction of them before delivery of the completed work . After the final payment and delivery the project to the employer the performer is bound to accept the employer's legal comments and apply the opinions and desires of the employer.